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Bookmakers that accept Entropay for deposits and withdrawals

It's never been easier to get funds to your bookie than it is today. Some of you will no doubt still use the tried and tested mainstream payment methods like using your debit card. And some of you, wise or not, will use your credit card. The grandfathers of betting will stroll on down to their local betting shop, dig deep, and deposit a pocket of change. Old school. But as online betting sites have erupted and changed the face of the age old practice, alternative ways to deposit and withdraw funds have emerged along side. You've probably heard about a few already, and we're working hard to put together a comprehensive list to keep you right, EntroPay is one such method growing in popularity. Why? For starters, it's a pre-paid VISA card, a virtual one. Everybody loves VISA, meaning it's accepted by most bookmakers across Europe and the UK. You can also use EntroPay for other online activities like shopping and gaming.

How to deposit and withdraw using EntroPay

Using EntroPay is a breeze. It's one of the easiest systems to use and is basically the same as using a regular debit card. First, you need to sign up for an account, it should only take a few minutes. You'll need to answer the usual questions: verify your age and address, etc. But because it's a pre-paid card, there's no credit checks. And because it's a virtual card you don't have to wait around for the postman. Once you've signed up, EntroPay will email your confirmation and shiny new virtual VISA card, complete with its expiry, CVV and 16-digit card number. Now you've got your card all you do is load it with credit from your usual debit or credit card. Simple. Withdrawing your winnings is easy too, just transfer it back to your bank card.

Why should you use EntroPay?

Besides its simplicity and zero credit checks, pre-paid means you've got no line of credit, you can't go overdrawn and run up debts with EntroPay. Other pre-paid methods, such as eWallets like PaySafeCard and Skrill, have suffered some abuse and fallen out of favour. Many bookies won't give out the free bets and sign up bonuses to punters using those payment methods, but that's not the case with EntroPay. For those of you who like to keep your betting private you can. The only transactions which will show on your bank statements are funds deposited to and withdrawn from EntroPay. All the bets you place to however many betting sites will remain inside your EntroPay account, so it also makes it a decent money management tool. All your gambling activities monitored in one place.

Is it a safe way to transfer funds to a bookmaker?

If there's one thing that sets EntroPay apart it's security. These guys are serious about fraud. So serious they've got a hardcore system on par with the Secret Service. Better than your average bank card's. Better than most bookies. They reckon it's the best security amongst all pre-paid cards available in Europe. If a hacker manages to break the 128-bit encryption, they'll only have access to your EntroPay details, not your bank details which you'd usually hand over to every betting site you use. There's no inside fraud either because EntroPay doesn't store your username and password. It's about the safest payment method you could use.

Are there any issues you should be aware of?

Nothing's perfect. Close, but there's one. Not so much an issue but more of a grumble: fees. Although EntroPay's fees are similar to other pre-paid methods, we've heard a few moans about what some might call high fees. The biggies are the £3 charge to transfer funds back to your debit or credit card, and the 4.95% to load your EntroPay card. However, it's worth noting that your bookie should never charge a fee. That aside, no issues.

Company history

We mentioned how serious these guys are about security, EntroPay started out back in 2002 to offer a water-tight service for people nervous about security. At a time when horror stories about identity theft and the like were making the headlines. They were the first company in Europe to offer a virtual pre-paid card. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, EntroPay are owned by Ixaris Systems LTD. Their virtual VISAS are guaranteed. They're licenced by VISA Europe.

If you want a safe and secure way to place bets, keep things private and manage your funds, EntroPay fits the bill (no pun intended).