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Bookmakers that accept Credit Card for deposits and withdrawals

Bookmakers that accept Credit Card for deposits and withdrawals
Betting is a popular pass time as well a great money making activity for many sports fans around the world. Betting at its most basic level involves placing a stake in the form of a sum of money then winning a larger amount if the bet turns out correct. To make the whole process smooth and convenient, bookmakers need to provide methods of making withdrawals and deposits into the punters' accounts. The most commonly accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard. Hence, I am going to explore bookmakers that accept Credit Card for deposits and withdrawals and any issues that may arise from their usage.

How to make deposits and withdrawals.
Using credit cards for gambling is relatively easy and straight forward in most bookmakers' websites. Usually, one needs to visit the section of the website that deals with making deposits and select it as the payment option. Check which cards are accepted by the bookmaker and any deposit and withdrawal limits they may have.
When making the payment you will be required to provide the following details: your full name spelled out exactly as it is on the card; your card number, which is the long usually sixteen-digit number on the front of the card; the expiration date of your card; the mailing address on your card and the CCV code which is a 3-digit number found on the back of your card. The transaction usually goes through almost immediately if all the information is correct. To make a withdrawal, one needs to visit the section for withdrawals and select withdraw to your card which you will have used before on the website.

Why you should use credit cards when betting.
The biggest and most important advantage of using this form of payment and withdrawal for betting is how convenient it is. Acquiring them is simple as they can be easily requested from your financial institution and the transactions are always instant unlike other methods like bank transfers which can take up to 3 days for a transaction to affected. Virtually all betting sites accept the major card brands. There are even some bookmakers who offer bonuses for depositing certain amounts using credit cards or for using certain bank card brands to make deposits with little or no extra cost.

Is it a safe way to transfer funds to bookmakers?
Most credit card companies have invested a lot of resources in ensuring the transactions done using their cards are secure and that the card information is not stolen or leaked. Visa and MasterCard have implemented systems that carry out a much more accurate verification of the identity of the card holder. All major bookmakers implement SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is an encryption technique for areas of their websites where punters input financial information. This ensures that no one else has access to the data unless authorized. You can also verify this by checking if the address begins with "https" in the browser.

Are there any issues you should be aware of?
Most bookmakers do not allow withdrawal to credit cards and the few that do have withdrawal limits on them. One cannot withdraw to their card more money than they deposited using the card. Hence, if you deposited £50 and won £500 from an accumulator, you may need to find another way of withdrawing the remaining £450. I have already talked about the security employed and some measures that are put in place, but it is worth mentioning that cases of fraud, although rare, still happen. The punter should monitor any suspicious transactions in their statement and decline to pay for the same.
The final issue that I would like to point out is the charges that result from transactions. They can be anywhere from 2% to as much as 5% depending on the bookmaker. The charges include cash fees charged by your card provider, cash interest which is charged by your bank and bookmaker fee. Some bookmakers do cater for all the charges incurred. So make sure to check the terms and conditions.