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Bookmakers that accept Click2Pay for deposits and withdrawals

Click2Pay was a free online payment method allowed by several betting sites until it was discontinued by its German-based parent company, Wirecard. Anyone with an email address and a credit card was able to sign up for Click2Pay. This e-wallet service allowed you to process online deposits and withdrawals using your bank details or debit or credit card.

Betting Sites Accepting Click2Pay

Click2Pay was especially popular among Russian users and a number of bookmakers accepted it to recharge your account. Similarly, you could use Click2Pay to have your winnings withdrawn. By doing so, any earnings would go to your Click2Pay account. Online bookmakers that accepted Click2Pay included major sports betting sites bet365 and William Hill. Click2Pay is no longer accepted by any bookmaker since it was discontinued in 2014.

How Click2Pay Worked

To use Click2Pay for an online betting sites, you needed to register and create a Click2Pay account first. When doing so, you needed to add a payment method. This could be a credit or debit card. You could also use your bank details and send funds through a bank transfer. Funds could have been deposited into a Click2Pay account or clients could have used Click2Pay to move funds directly from their payment method (for example, a credit card) to the betting site. Once you registered a Click2Pay account and a payment method with that account, you could start using Click2Pay with a betting site account. The email address used to register with the bookmaker site needed to be the same one used for your Click2Pay account.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Click2Pay

One of the main benefits of Click2Pay was that you only had to provide your personal and bank details once when you registered your account. That meant bank or credit card details were hidden from online betting sites. This avoided having to share details with multiple sites, which helped minimise potential identity theft in case of a security breach.

Although Click2Pay was accepted by some bookmakers, it was not among the most popular ways of depositing and withdrawing funds when compared to other online payment options like PayPal. Disadvantages of using Click2Pay related to fees and withdrawal restrictions. While you did not pay fees when using Click2Pay to move funds directly from your payment method to a betting site, you were generally required to pay fees when withdrawing funds in your Click2Pay account.

Problems with withdrawing funds from your Click2Pay account was the main issue that users encountered. When withdrawing from Click2Pay, you could request a cheque or top up a Click2Pay debit card. In the case of requesting a cheque, the process generally took up to seven days. The fee for requesting a cheque was significantly higher than withdrawing from other online payment options. To withdraw funds into a Click2Pay debit card, you needed to request the card first. There was a one-time fee when requesting a card, but it could take some time to receive the card. The card could then be used like your bank’s debit card, including at cash machines.